“How Penguins Save Television” 

The story itself follows a group of penguins on their quest to rediscover the turtle TVs, which were believed to be extinct. As the penguins set off to fly around the world in search, they begin an adventure!

Not long after the beginning of time there was television. Personified as giant turtles, T.V.’s have evolved along with other animals of this imagined world where technology and the natural have merged. This story explores what it means for society as it attempts to evolve with the aid of science and innovation. What is the place of the penguins in a world without T.V.? How are symbiotic relationships cultivated with modern media? This book engages children with the natural world around them through technological modifications, such as the jet-pack. Follow the penguins as the story unfolds, inviting the reader to make connections on the relationship between the visual and the written word: the space they both occupy and transform.


To purchase an 8″ by 10″ soft cover book for $15 please email at LennonMichalski@gmail.com