Kroger Mural 81 feet long 6 feet tall $20,000 Commission


“Ghost Bike” 72″ x 108″ 2016 $25,000 Commission University of Kentucky Gatton School of Business


“Ghost Bike” 2016 Installation at the Lyric Theater  Lexington, KY


“Unique and Her Paths to Fortune” 108″ x 79.2″ water based pigment and medium on canvas Collection of the University of Kentucky Hospital $25,000 commission






“Lost Your Attention” Owned by National City Tower Louisville, Kentucky – oil and resin on canvas- 120” x 72” – 2014

“Fixing a Wing” – water based pigment and medium on canvas – 72” x 60” – 2013 Collection of Clark Regional Hospital







“Mistakes Making Traits”- water based pigment and medium on a panel – 72″ x 96″ – 2014 Collection of Churchill Downs Executive Office

“Cressman Center for Visual Arts University of Louisville Installation of Solo Show 2012










“The Box of  Thoughts” This mural is on the exterior of the main compound at Destiny Academy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The mural was part of a Kickstarter project to promote art education and help raise awareness/funds for the school’s sponsorship program.